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Now Is The Time To Ascertain What Is The Real Potential Of Unconventional Oil & Gas In Colombia

As time goes by, both Colombian and international operators interested in the country's shale opportunities are expecting the Government's final word on what will be the limits of unconventional exploration and production with regards to environmental regulations. It is still not possible to define a reliable cost structure when the impact of environmental regulations on project economics is yet to be known. Moreover, operators are currently trying to understand how to make drilling and completions and water management strategies economically viable in the country, as well as gain a deeper understanding of what is the real geological potential of Colombian basins like the Middle Magdalena or the Oriental Cordillera.

For this reason, Shale Colombia, Colombia's only and most established unconventional oil & gas congress (hosting over 300 of the most influential people in the oil and gas industry in 2013), will provide Colombian and international operators and suppliers with the only E&P-led forum exclusively focused on the development of the unconventional oil & gas industry in Colombia. The agenda has been 100% designed to ascertain whether economically viable shale operations are possible in Colombia and for determining strategies for ensuring commercially viable shale development.



FISCAL INCENTIVES: The congress will examine the ANH's policies on unconventional royalties and land ownership to understand how fiscal incentives will work for early shale development in Colombia

COST OPTIMIZATION: E&P companies from across shale producing regions will join to predicting equipment, completions and production costs to determine the overall economical viability of commercial shale production in Colombia

SERVICE AVAILABILITY: Influential industry speakers will examine what synergies need to be achieved to decrease drilling, proppant and fracturing costs and make unconventional exploitation economic in Colombia

HOW TO CHARACTERIZE UNCONVENTIONAL RESERVOIRS: Experts from the US and Argentina will compare tools and methods for characterizing unconventional reservoirs in formations where conventional methods don't work

LESSONS FROM ARGENTINA AND THE US: Speakers will examine reservoir characterization case studies from developed shale countries to explain how interpretation of data and modelling of unconventional reservoirs can be achieved in Colombia

REGIONAL GEOLOGICAL CHARACTERIZATION: Early exploration case studies will be examined to assess the key petrophysical, geochemical and lithological parameters of the Middle Magdalena, La Luna, Oriental Cordillera, Catatumbo, César-Ranchería, Higher Magdalena Valley and Lower Magdalena Valley to estimate reservoir volumes and identify sweet spots for development

WATER MANAGEMENT AND COMPLETIONS STRATEGIES: Speakers will look at how the latest techniques for water sourcing, treatment, disposal, hauling and recycling can ensure safety and cost-efficiency in shale operations in Colombia



Shell E&P Company

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